Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Post for May

Alas, I cannot post daily as I'd originally hoped/planned/
dreamed.  But, in keeping with my resolve not to drift back into an all or nothing mentality, I offer another sharing of cards I've made for Operation Write home as well as a card I made for a cousin's upcoming wedding.  I sent the cards off to OWH on Friday, 55 of them.  The next deadline will be for Halloween cards so I will be focusing on thank you cards, which are greatly needed, as well as birthday, miss you and thinking of you cards over the next couple of months. I also need to start making some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards because there will be a great need for those when the time comes.  Kind of creepy how I make cards for holidays that are so far off and when the event actually occurs I am so past it.  Like Father's Day.  It'll be here in just a few weeks and yet it seems that it's already been here and gone since I sent those cards in so long ago.  I have to remember to wrest my mind back to the present or the holidays get away from me.  Anyway.....hope you enjoy my cards.  Please leave a comment and consider subscribing to my blog or following me by email.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A few more cards

I was so busy last month with various family activities and May is proving to be the same kind of month so far.  I thought I'd post a couple of cards for now, just to make sure I get something posted.  I continue to work on cards for Operation Write Home and just need to scan some additional ones before I send them off for my May contributions.  They're looking for more than Independence Day cards so I've been focusing on birthdays and have some  "miss you" cards in the works.  I hope you enjoy the cards I'm posting today.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love it if you'd leave a comment or decide to follow me.