Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catching up

I haven't been able to post anything til today, I've been stretched a bit.  Last week I ended up spending 4 days at the scrapbooking store and by the end of the day yesterday I was totally wiped out.

Tuesday was a regularly "scheduled" day since my cleaning lady comes to our home every other Tuesday and I automatically head for the store so I'm not confined to one room at home.  On Thursday, I worked on cards at the store and visited with a friend who came there to work on her projects.  Friday I was there also in case I was needed to help prepare for the following day's Operation Write Home event.  I wasn't and just spent the time working on cards.

Saturday was the day of card making at Hearts N Crafts for anyone who wanted to make cards for OWH.  The owner had donated scads of stickers, stacks of them filled a table, as well as trimmed decorative paper scraps that could be used as backgrounds on cards.  There were also folded cards and card-sized envelopes she donated and she made available chalks for coloring images, some stamps and ink for folks to borrow and some card making books for us to peruse for ideas.  And the entire classroom with its 10 large tables were made available for this event.  In addition, the owner made one of her employees available to cut images for us using a Cricut cutting machine with a myriad of designs available.  Additional paper was made available by one of the store employees who teaches there and she donated her stash of scraps, some of which were full sheets of decorative paper.  I spent over an hour sorting them into various categories: floral, checkered, dotted, seasonal, get the picture.  One of the ladies who came to stamp yesterday brought additional folded cards and envelopes to share.

Well, besides me, three people came to make cards yesterday.  Each of the others stayed 4 to 5 hours or more and I was there from 10 am to 5 pm.  A few people came by with cards they'd made at home to drop off because they weren't able to stay this time and a few of the store's employee's made a few cards as well.  I spent most of my time cutting some of the donated decorative papers, stamping Operation Write Home on the backs of the cards, and tucking them into envelopes.  None of the cards made or brought in yesterday had OWH stamped on the backs.  I'm going to guess well over 100 cards were produced for this event, counting cards that were brought in previously.  I'll know for sure when I return to the store tomorrow and finish sorting and counting all of the cards to prepare them for mailing.  I plan to mail on Tuesday if I am able.

Lest I give or develop the impression that I live at the store, I am planning to be there only 2 days this week.  Tomorrow to complete the sorting, etc. and while I'm there I might as well work on cards since I didn't get to do much of that on Saturday.  Then on Thursday a friend and I will work on cards from a class that we took so that we can finish things we started.  She's brand new at this and does well but welcomes support and I agreed to be there for her.

So, no cards scanned but since I won't be at the store as much  this week, I should be able to get that done to post them here.


  1. Wow you've had bad run with your washing machine. Seems like you live in Hearts and Crafts hahaha, I know the feeling, I used to spend all my time at the local craft store too until I got a job. I do miss my time there

  2. I am so impressed with all your efforts and everyone that comes by that store, sadly I must be the only one that makes cards for the troops in my city of 350,000 people that I know of. Oh well I can make a difference to the troops out there