Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making progress

I've almost completed all of the preparation for my 10 minute card project.  I need to put adhesive on 15 more pieces and then create the individual kits that will be given to the group members in about a week and one half.  Hooray!  There'll be no staying up all night in a frenzy to get everything ready.  I plan to set aside everything I need to take to the gathering and just ease on out the door the morning of the event.  Ahhhh.  Sure beats years past when I was working a 40 hour week, commuting for a couple of hours per day and trying to fit a personal life into my schedule.  Love it!

Yesterday,  one of the scrapbook store customers brought in 22 cards that she'd made to donate to Operation Write Home.  They were Halloween and Thanksgiving cards and the work was fabulous.  I stamped OWH information on the backs of the cards and did the partial envelope tuck that we've been asked to do when sending in cards.  Today, one of the customers brought 30 cards in and I did the same with hers.  Each of her cards were made with great attention to detail and only a few of the cards were duplicates so this customer, too, came up with unique ideas for just about each card.  At this point we already have 52 cards ready to be sent for distribution to our troops.  I can hardly wait to see what we produce all together.  This is getting to be exciting!

I need to tend to a couple of things before getting some sleep tonight so this is a short one.  Hope to find time soon to tweak this blog a bit.

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