Thursday, September 8, 2011

A quiet day

It's been in the low 100's to high 90's over the last few days and no real relief in sight.  I'm so ready for fall weather....

I spent the day at home, finished packaging up kits for my 10 minute project, double checking that each was complete.  Also prepared some pieces for OWH cards.  Most of the day, though, I read The Help and now I have just a few more pages before I'm finished.  So of course I'm looking for another book to read.  We've got loads of them here.  It's just a matter of making a decision.  My husband and I have gotten into a Nelson DeMille kick so we have a few of those; we have a couple of Patricia Cornwells; ah, I know..... a work friend gave a book to me when I retired and included a note that I would now have time to read long, long novels.  It's entitled New York and it's 860 pages long.  I'd intended to read it when my husband and I went on a cruise in February/March but never had the time.  Now's a good time to start it.  I'll wait for a few days after I finish The Help to give myself time to digest that one first.  It's a great book, very well written, and I am now anxious to see the movie.  My good friend has already seen it though and my husband will dismiss it as a "chick flick."  I'll have to wait for it to be available through Netflix.

I have a couple of card ideas rattling around in my mind right now so I'd better sketch them before I lose those thoughts.

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