Sunday, September 4, 2011

More of my cards

Last month I had the opportunity to take a class taught by an artist named Michael Strong whose work I have long admired.  During the time I wasn't stamping, I came upon some of his rubber stamp images in his Cloisonne line and remarked to a friend that if any stamp would get me into stamping again, it would be one of his.  Well, I'd already started stamping again and it was with utter delight that I learned of the monthly classes he teaches and was fortunate to reserve the last seat in July's classes.  Michael teaches 2 on each of his class days, it turns out, and you know how the saying goes.......(another cliche' here) "if one is good, two is better."

The first class introduced different techniques and I learned to make lace from a stamped square of toilet tissue as shown on the aqua and cream colored card, coloring within stamped images with different types of art media and I relearned about stamping with bleach as shown on the purple and black card.  Those were made during the morning class.  In the afternoon, we made the asian themed cards in the style of ikebana, the Japanese style of floral arrangements.

The next class will be in October and you can bet that I'm signed up for it.  September will be skipped because Michael will be in Germany.  I'm looking forward to the next adventure in stamping with him.

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