Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In my mind, it's still Tuesday.  That's because I've not yet slept and awakened to a new day but I just looked at the clock and see that it's after midnight already.  Another cliche': Time flies when........ okay, I won't complete that.

I spent most of the day at my favorite scrapbooking store.  Visited with a friend there while we worked on the 10 minute projects we're taking to our group's gathering at the end of the month.  I also stamped the back of some cards that one of the store's customers made for OWH since she won't be coming to the store to stamp/create cards on the 17th.  All of the cards made for OWH need to carry the program's name so people sending and receiving them will know that they were made for Operation Write Home.  So we already have 22 cards that will be going to OWH for distribution to the troops.  Yay!

I made the sample for the 10 minute card project today and cut many of the pieces that will go into the kits that will be given to group members so they can make the same card.  Tomorrow I will return to the store and stamp the images on 16 cards so I won't have to tote ink pads and stamps to the event nor run the risk of any damage to them.  The group members will need only to assemble the cards and that'll be a good way to make sure the completed project will not go over 10 minutes in the making.  I'm hoping that the last of my preparations will go quickly tomorrow so I can also get some card making in for OWH.  I've made many Christmas cards to send to them and want to make sure I send the other types as well since folks will still be having birthdays, be needing to be thanked and needing to just hear from their friend or family member who's been deployed.

It's time for me to call an end to Tuesday and get some sleep so I can greet Wednesday.  Hopefully on the following day I can figure out how to link this blog to another new one I need to create since my art page isn't exactly what I'd wanted it to be.  It can't be changed and I want to be able to add new items to it as I create them.  I'd also like to put up pictures of jewelry I've made.  Another project.  This blogging stuff is a bit more complicated than I'd imagined but it's getting there.

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  1. Wow you do 10minute cards too, well I have to get back into doing them too, if you wanted some designs (using any stamps) you sure can CASE mine here on my other blog