Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's the little things

Imagine being happy about being able to do laundry.  Yesterday a Geek Squad technician returned to repair our washing machine.  It had gone out again, a month after being repaired for the same problem and when he came out last week he said he needed to order parts.  The machine would stop after filling with water and declare an overload condition.  The clothes weren't overloaded, the washer was...with water, since it filled way beyond the level warranted by the amount of clothes in it.  The last time, the sensor was replaced.  This time it was the sensor, the suspension rods and the control board.  Thank goodness for service plans.  And for the reasonable cost for them by Best Buy.  At this point we would have shelled out over $700 for the 2 repair visits instead of the $200 for a 5-year service plan.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday and some of today working on cards that I'm making as a gift for a friend as well as additional cards for OWH.  In a week, we'll gather at Hearts N Crafts to make cards as a group to send to OWH for distribution to the troops who are deployed overseas.  It would be great if we could make this a regular event.  If that isn't to be, at least the awareness of others will be raised and, hopefully, some of them will continue on their own to contribute to this cause.

I'd hoped to work on upgrades to this blog today but other activities took precedence.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. I think this post might actually come through! sounds like you are creating despite the yuk weather. The cards from your last class are amazing - each one a work of art. A creative spirit and clean clothes! Awesome!